Re-elect -- Bob Stein & Jim McGreevy

The State
Teachers Retirement System of Ohio
 Improved Investments, Risk Management, and Effective Governance

Endorsed By:
The Ohio Education Association  &  The Ohio Federation of Teachers

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Bob is a retired teacher with professional investment training and experience. Jim is a retired teacher with extensive leadership experience in many major educator and community groups. Bob asks important investment questions – and understands the answers.  Jim served as STRS Board chair during the critical period prior to passage of the pension solvency plan. 

Bob and Jim know that STRS cooperation internally and with stakeholder groups has been key to remarkable STRS successes under this board

Pension solvency is the result of building alliances with over a dozen constituency groups.  Improved internal processes gained STRS more effective enterprise risk management, better staff development, flat budgets, and improved investments.  The Health Care Fund was pulled out of a "Death Spiral" and is now solvent beyond 2060. 
By third-party measures, the current board has a very high level of policy effectiveness.

Keep this board working.  Thoughtful governance and strong partnerships mean better outcomes for STRS beneficiaries.

 Re-elect    Jim McGreevy   &   Bob Stein